The Importance of Employee Customer Service Training

Breaking NewsIt amazes me how, on a daily basis, I am exposed to both great and poor customer service. I recently had a few rooms in my home painted, and I had to call the window treatment company to take down my blinds before and after the painting. The company was able to come out the day I called to take them down and the day I called to put them back up. They went above and beyond to ensure that they came to my home ASAP; they were prompt, and extremely helpful, both on the phone and in-person on the service side. On the other end of the spectrum, I cannot say the same about the painting company I hired. While I was pleased overall with the service, the project manager was consistently late, altering my schedule and inconveniencing my family’s home routine. While he apologized over and over, I couldn’t help but wonder why his boss, the owner, had not trained his employee on the importance of being on-time and fulfilling obligations to his customers.

The responsibility to ensure that employees are trained on how to serve customers lies with the owner(s) and the managers of the organization. It is up to the senior leadership to ensure that their employees are trained on how to provide outstanding and effective customer service. If they cannot train them, I’m sure there is a qualified HR Consultant or Customer Service Trainer who can.

I have stopped using particular products or services due to poor customer service. I have continued to use particular products and services for years, due to the supreme customer service that the employees have provided. Customer loyalty is BASED on excellent customer service. So, business owners and managers out there – don’t forget to train your employees on how to provide the best customer service possible. It can make, or break, the success of your organization.

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2 comments on “The Importance of Employee Customer Service Training
  1. Excellent points, Jennifer. I also think that as consumers, it behooves us to let companies know when customer service affects our buying decisions – positively or negatively. A little reinforcement can go a long way in showing businesses that customer service affects the bottom line.

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