Are you hiring the right employees?

Are you a small to medium-size business that does all of your hiring without the help of a Human Resources professional?   Do you find that you do not know where to start when you need to recruit a new employee?   Let an HR professional take the stress out of hiring and help you avoid liabilities from hiring the wrong people.

Often, small businesses utilize their CFO, Office Manager or even the Owner to hire new employees.   While this may be practical, it is not optimal.  HR professionals know the right recruiting avenues, such as successful recruiting websites, newspapers for the local area, university websites, etc.  Also, HR professionals have been trained and are experienced in screening resumes for things such as spelling errors (it may tell you that the individual does not pay attention to detail), length of term at former jobs (if they are a job-hopper, they may not last long with your organization) and specific qualifications.  Furthermore, a lot can be read from a prospect candidate by phone screens (did they have a respectful demeanor?).  Lastly, the interview is one of the most crucial parts of the process.  Candidates can show you what they are really made of when it comes to the way they are dressed, the way they speak and how they respond to interview questions.

The interview process is challenging, yet insightful.  It may be easy to assess if they have the skills to do the job, but will they fit YOUR organization’s culture?  Have they worked at large corporations their entire career?  If so, they may not fit your small company culture.  Moreover, have you explained to the candidates how your culture is (i.e., everyone knows everyone, employees work long hours, the owners are “old school.”)?  Do you think they can fit in to your overall company culture?

They may fit into your culture, but do their background and reference checks back-up what they have presented to you?  Companies need to do their homework and ensure that prospect candidates are who they say they are.  HR professionals know the right questions to ask and can see any potential red flags.

When companies do not perform their due diligence with a thorough screening process, they can wind up spending between $2 to 11K to replace an hourly employee, and upwards of $40K to replace a manager (Gregory P. Smith,, 2012).  Moreover, your company can face a wrongful termination lawsuit, if you end up terminating an employee who did not fit the mold.  Can your company afford this?   By hiring an HR professional to manage the recruiting process for you, this can alleviate high turnover and help retain your top talent.

I'm a Human Resources Consultant eager to assist with your organizational needs.

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