Let Me Help You Find the Perfect Job!

Put Job Interview on CalendarI am getting ready to expand my Human Resources (HR) consulting services to assist individuals searching for new employment. While my core is HR consulting for small- to medium-size businesses, I started thinking several months back that I need to add on resume and job searching for individuals. Why? Simple, I have interviewed, met, ran in to, been referred to and talked to hundreds of individuals who have either asked for help with their resume and job search or whom have needed my help and I willingly obliged. I have seen resumes that needed a lot of TLC, individuals that had no idea where to look for jobs, people who interviewed saying, and wearing, the wrong things!

Job seekers – look no further – I can help you out! To me, resume creating, editing and updating as well as searching for a job is fun! I know, it sounds silly! But for those of us in the HR field, we dig it! We know what employers are looking for, how most recruiters see resumes, what is missing in resumes, how to network to get the word out that you are looking for a new position, where to look for jobs, how to dress to impress during the interview and how to interview! Whewww, did I get all of that out in one sentence?!

Let me take the guess work out of it for you. I will be offering many different affordable and unique packages for all job hunters (employed and currently out-of-work)! I can create a resume from scratch for you or provide edits for your current resume. Also, I will be providing in-person (or via Skype or Face Time) job hunting and interviewing information as well as numerous websites and resources to look for your perfect job! Allow me to give you sound resume advice, great job hunting tips and professional interviewing guidance.


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I'm a Human Resources Consultant eager to assist with your organizational needs.

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